Dress Code



Girls: Must wear leotard or sports bra, booty shorts, and hair in ponytail.

Boys: Fitted tank top, shorts, and hair out of face.

*NONE of the following are acceptable for class: tights, leggings, baggy/loose clothes, street clothes, sweatpants, t-shirt, and socks.


Girls: Black long sleeve leotard, pink footed tights, ballet skirt (optional), pink leather ballet shoes, tan buckle tap shoes and dance bag for shoes. 

Boys: White t-shirt, black pants, short black socks, black leather ballet shoes, black boys tap shoes and bag for shoes.


Clothes that can be danced in. Bare or socked feet.

BALLET 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6

Black leotard (any style), pink tights, ballet skirt, pink split sole ballet shoes.


Black leotard (any style), pink tights, ballet skirt, pink split sole ballet shoes. Possibly Pointe shoes in January.

POINTE 1, 2, & 3

Same as Ballet 1-6, plus pointe shoes (MUST HAVE BALLET SHOES TOO).

JAZZ 1 & 2

Black leotard (any style), nude or pink tights and tan jazz slip-on boots.

JAZZ 3, 4, & 5

Any color leotard, any color tights, may wear jazz pants ,capris or booty shorts, black slip-on jazz boots, lyrical shoes (foot thongs, foot-undeez or foot paws).

JAZZ 6, 7, & 8

Same as Jazz 3-5, plus character shoes.  Must be "Dancing Fair" in Bellas style (see Kimi with questions).


Bare feet, black leotard, and booty shorts.

TAP 1 & 2

Black leotard (any style), nude or pink tights, tan Bloche Tap-on tap shoes only.


Any color leotard, any color tights, tan Bloche Tap-on tap shoes only.

TAP 4, 5, & 6

Any color leotard, any color tights, tan jazz-tap shoes.


Dancewear and black, Steven Stompers clogging shoes.


Dancewear, barefoot Thera Bands, and sticky mats (avalible for at Wal-Mart or any sporting goods store).


Spirit dancers must come with dance clothes or t-shirt and shorts on. Hair needs to be pulled back. NO SCHOOL CLOTHES! KaMotion shoes are cheer shoes that have to be purchased from the studio, these can be purchased from Kimi at either dancewear order days. * If you have used uniforms for sale please bring them to the Y by August 2nd with a name and price. Tops and skirts only. No socks, briefs, ribbons, or shoes.


Black leather ballet shoes or jazz shoes, t-shirt and pants they can dance in. NO JEANS!

All shoes need to be purchased/ordered

before the end of September!

All shoulder length hair or longer must be in a ponytail or bun.

Tights must be worn in all classes

regardless of your level.

*Exception: Parent Tot Dance and Acrobatics Classes.

DO NOT come to class like you just left sports practice. Your sports coach wouldn’t appreciate it if you came to practice dressed like a dancer.

Remember: To be a dancer, you must first dress like a dancer.

If you have shoes to sell, please post a note on the bulletin board outside the dance room

at the cultural center as soon as possible.

People will be looking for shoes for Summer and Fall.

Billing Policies


Contact the studio with all price and billing inquiries.