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October 5th @ 7:30 -

Christmas Extravaganza Meetings 

November 1st -
1st Costume Payment Due

November 13th - 
Parent Viewing Week

November 22nd-26th - 
Thanksgiving Break

December 3rd - 

Christmas Extravaganza

December 4th-7th - 
Bring A.Grown Up To Dance Week

December 18th-21st - 
Christmas Parties in Class

December 17th - 
Scrooge Jazz'd Up Like The Dickens

December 22nd-January 4th - 
No Dance - Merry Christmas

January 8th -
Classes Resume

January 15th - 
Final Costume Payment Due 

February 10th - 
Tights/Accessories Forms and Money Due

April 1st-4th -
Parents Viewing Week

April 12th -
Dance Pictures

April 25th -
Tumble Tots Demonstration

April 27th -
KaMotion Recital & Acro Demonstration

April 28th-May 2nd - 
Recital Dress Rehearsal

May 3rd-4th -

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